Why does Spain attract French tourists?


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Spain continues to be once again the favorite destination of the French to go on vacation this summer.

According to a survey by the Ipsos institute, 74% of French people intend to go on vacation this summer. Among them, 40% want go abroadincluding 15% in Spain, then 8% in Italy and 5% in Portugal.

Spain is one of the main holiday destinations in europe and for various reasons: there is something for all tastes, all budgets and all ages. Impressive landscapes, cultural discoveries, activities, leisure on the beach, gastronomy, parties… Everyone has their own holiday wishes. Here are 5 reasons why Spain continues to attract French tourists.

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1. Spain enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year

For 48% of European tourists, vacations mean lazing on the beach. Spain has a large number of coastal towns and beaches, summers are hot and days are around 12 hours long at this time. Enough to fully enjoy your vacation in the best conditions.

Even in winter, the weather is mild and rain is rare. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy holidays in Spain throughout the year.

2. Holidays for all pockets

Spain is considered a low cost holiday destination. Low cost airlines, cheap accommodation, quality campsites at low prices…

Camping in Spain is accommodation for all pockets. From 1 to 5 stars, close to nature, simple or with swimming pools, entertainment, children’s clubs… There is something for everyone. As a family, couple, friends or alone, this is the perfect accommodation to visit Spain.

And on the spot, food, shopping and going out have lower prices than in France.

3. Spain and the taste for vacations

Spain is a change of scenery just a few hours from home, for a true taste of vacation. Already with the rhythm of the day, since in Spain we have lunch at 3pm and dinner at 10pm. Thus, restaurants and bars stay open much later than in other countries.

But also, the Spanish way of life is to escape the heat. As a result, we go to bed late and get up early enough to take advantage of the coolness of the evening and morning. To get enough sleep and escape the heat, a nap is a must in the early afternoon. It is not uncommon for the city to stop at 2:00 p.m. and resume its course after 6:00 p.m. A pleasant vacation rhythm that allows you to get out of the routine.

4. Visits and culture in Spain

Spain, crossroads of civilizations, has a rich and varied heritage. Holidays in Spain allow you to visit castles, churches, palaces, walls… An amazing panorama around every corner.

Madrid and Barcelona are two must-sees due to their architectural and museum wealth. The advantage of Barcelona is that it is by the sea and gives access to the Costa Brava, a marvel of small towns.

Andalusia offers treasures of Arab influence. Granada, Córdoba, Seville… The Spanish Basque Country offers a little more freshness and allows you to visit the Bilbao museum. Nature lovers can enjoy the country’s natural parks in Aragon, near the Pyrenees.

5. Holidays to enjoy the local gastronomy

The gastronomy of Spain is rich and different depending on the region. Closer to the coast, fish and seafood dishes take pride of place alongside paella, the country’s famous specialty.

In Spain, coexistence and sharing are the order of the day. In this, we must not forget the aperitif to enjoy the charming beach bars of towns and cities. Sharing tapas, sangria, vermouth, anchovy fillets, Iberian ham… It’s time to taste the country’s specialties.

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