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Going on a road trip in the USA is a project that must be planned and organized to avoid unpleasant surprises, but above all, to discover incredible things!

The United States fascinates millions of people who dream of spending a vacation there. This country also receives about 66,700,000 tourists a year. If you plan to go there, then take a road trip for new experiences. I give you the advantages of this way of traveling, the possible options as well as the essentials that you cannot miss.

A road trip through the United States: the ideal way to get to know its states better

United States has a surface of 9,834,000,000 km². It is a territory as far as the eye can see. In order not to deprive yourself of everything there is to admire in the place, the road trip is the best option. You will be able to get off the beaten track and visit many wonderful places where tourists don’t usually go. It’s also a good way to go at your own pace while enjoying every moment.

The roads of the United States will offer you, in fact, magnificent spectacles: tropical beaches, lush forests, great plains, vertiginous mountains, arid deserts, glaciers… There are, then, the most impressive and unlikely landscapes, geological formations and temperatures . .

It is this wealth that prompts some travelers to take a road trip to tour the country in a vehicle. An excellent opportunity to combine travel and discovery. By motorcycle or by car, the sensations offered by American roads are unique. Of unmissable natural sites, we can mention Bryce Canyon, Everglades, Yellowstone, Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, etc. There are also specific routes that will allow you to be in communion with biodiversity through the discovery of many national parks.

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Car rental for fabulous road trip experiences

To hit the American roads, it is essential to think about the mode of road transport that you are going to use. The choice is vast in terms of car rental in the US, whether in terms of rental agencies or vehicle models. On the web you will find many car rental offers for your road trip. To make the right choice, it is advisable to use an online price comparison or contact some rental agencies. The great advantage of the comparator is that it helps you find the most advantageous rates. Plus, it saves you from scouring rental sites and wasting time researching.

When it comes to the type of vehicle to rent for a road trip in the United States, there are different categories available to you. It will take at least 30 dollars per day for a small car. However, this model is not suitable for this type of trip. Some travelers turn to the Compact category with options such as Ford Focus, Dodge, Nissan… There are also Intermediate, Standard, FullSize, Premium, Luxury and SUV categories. The choice of rental car. obviously it will depend on your budget and the number of people traveling with you. The ideal, of course, is that all your belongings fit in the trunk.

It will not be necessary to rent a 4 × 4, unless you want to drive on the slopes or go deep. However, cars like the Ford Focus, for example, can drive without problems on tracks like the ones in Monument Valley. Both the van and the motorhome are also interesting options, since they are more spacious. Also find out about the sure you will have to hire as part of the car rental for your road trip.

Road Trip in the USA: the essentials

The concept of Road Trip you offers a great sense of freedom. You can ride with your favorite music while admiring the landscapes with your family, partner or friends. Travel around the United States through the essentials that we invite you to discover.

Route 66

When we talk about the Road Trip in the American West, we think in particular of the mythical route 66 also known as The Way of the Mother. It is the best known of all. She crosses 8 states from east to west about 4000 km. This is how you discover the American way of life with its abandoned towns, its typical gas stations, its dinners… It will be an opportunity to rediscover the Retro America of the 50s with motels with flashing neon lights, splendid corvettes…

The itinerary is unique, you will have to start in Chicago, Illinois towards the city of los angeles in california, Los Angeles, especially Santa Monica. Today the original route is only partially present and accounts for almost ¾ of the route. You’ll have to follow Interstate 40 and do a few detours to find the original loop.

The classic American West

This beautiful loop is ideal for a first discovery of the American West. You will find great sites like Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, etc. Also, you will cross the Monument Valley which is a mythical place bring back to life the famous westerns. On the way to Las Vegas, it is recommended to stop at Mormon towns and ghost towns to admire the twinkling lights that appear in the middle of the desert emptiness. Big cars, casinos, giant hotels, a lot to see at this stage.

Before arriving in San Francisco, you will cross Yosemite National Park. This place is home to beautiful waterfalls as well as innumerable granite dogmas. You will also see fallow deer, squirrels, cougars and other animals. You will then arrive in San Francisco, the most beautiful city in the American West. There are many things to see: the Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, Alcatraz Island prison, the cable car, Fisherman’s Wharf and more.

The East Coast Road Trip

This circuit is suitable for lovers of the big cities of the USA. It will permit you explore different lands, from Boston to New York, passing through the great Niagara Falls, Washington DC and Pennsylvania with Philadelphia. You will discover the best of the East.

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The road trip off the beaten track

This course is an opportunity to explore unknown lands, rub shoulders with the famous cowboys during a ride, spend days on an authentic ranch… You are in the heart of the soul of the American West: COLORADO. This place offers a wide variety of landscapes, sand dunes, wild canyons, prairies, mining towns… Denver, its capital, seduces all visitors with its way of life, its museums, as well as its creativity. The State of Colorado is a destination that offers calm and authenticity at all times. It is still very well preserved and you can fully enjoy the walks. This area that incites the cowboy attitude requires specific equipment : cowboy boots, Stetson hat…

Some tips for a successful road trip in the US

Here are some tips to help ensure success of your road trip in the USA.

Organize well in advance

A road trip in the United States is not prepared in the same way as a long weekend in New York, for example. You will have to take into account different parameters: the duration of the trip, the season, the tourist sites to visit, etc. It is advisable to start preparing for this trip to the USA at least a year before. As a result, you will have plenty of time to select circuits without stress. Also put all the possibilities on your side to have space in popular accommodation.

set the path

Defining your itinerary well in advance allows you to determine your arrival and departure airports. Avoid buying your plane tickets too soon, because you won’t be able to modify your circuit after that. The ideal is to keep the freedom of action as long as possible to be able to do and undo your program and make it as coherent as possible.

United States road trip itinerary

Build a road book

The roadbook will be one of your best travel allies. he will have to includes the map of your road trip, the description of each day, useful numbers, copies of your documents and passports… You can also add your daily expenses, your tips, your hot comments, etc. While some travelers use a classic road book, others prefer the digital version in the cloud and can be viewed on the tablet.

Don’t neglect driving times

American cars are comfortable and powerful, with a great driving advantage through automatic transmission. Also, the roads are very wide, so you won’t be stressed during rush hour. However, it should be remembered that the time you will spend on the road will be greater than that of your visits. then it is recommended limit driving time per day to 3.5 hours on average Beyond 5 hours, consider the day as a transition phase to better enjoy a place the next day.

Finally, take care of carrying the essentials in your suitcase without weighing you down. A GPS app can also be useful to find your way around more easily while driving. Exists countless interesting tours that you can select to fully enjoy your trip. Feel free to research more on the subject.

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