Which Disney hotel to choose according to your tastes?


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Have you planned a stay at Disneyland Paris for a few days? Here are some tips for choosing your hotel!

Choosing a hotel for your stay at Disneyland Paris can be a very difficult task. Indeed, each of the hotel’s hotels guarantees you a wonderful and unforgettable stay in this enchanting city. However, in the end you will have to decide to choose in order to better enjoy the trip with your family and friends.

which hotel to choose ? What criteria should be taken into account? What do you need to know beforehand to be sure you make the right decision, based on your needs and capabilities? I give you all the secrets here.

Fans of the Marvel Universe will head to the new Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

Disney’s Hotel New York – Marvel Art Is a 4-star hotel that perfectly traces the history of your favorite heroes Wonderful. If you are a fan of comics, this is probably the place to choose for your stay at Disneyland Paris. Far from being a classic lodging among the various Disneyland hotels, it contains most of the Marvel masterpieces you’ve ever dreamed of touching. To make you travel in this universe, the hotel is built inspired by Manhattan, world famous for being the city of Marvel.

Navigating it, you can forget for a moment that you are in France, so much so that the architecture has been carefully reproduced. You can walk through green alleys and flower gardens as if you were walking through the streets of Central Park. You also have access to nearly 350 Marvel-themed artworks, signed by over a hundred international artists. You can also create personalized memories and live unique experiences in the various attractions of the hotel.

the new york store

This store is full of countless collectibles and different themes on all your favorite Marvel superheroes. It offers complete costumes for the latter, but also accessories such as Captain Marvel’s shield or Thor’s hammer. Do not miss the opportunity to go with personalized shirts with the colors of the Marvel heroes.

the superhero station

It is a large room meant to give you an immersive experience with your favorite characters. You have access to different photo points and impressive 3D effects to capture extraordinary shots. This is an opportunity for you to fill your family album with original photos from the world of your favorite comics.

The hero training zone

That is a vast space of 420 m² designed with the colors of Marvel and where you can have fun with your friends and family. It also has two large swimming pools and a gym to do bodybuilding and fitness like superheroes.

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Photo by Mark Arron @Pexels

Choose the welcoming atmosphere of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

Located on the shores of Lake Disney, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is a hotel that welcomes you in a warm and familiar atmosphere. This 3-star hotel guarantees excellent services with its always friendly and welcoming staff. Seen from the sky, Disney’ Sequoia Lodge stands out from other hotels with its green-painted roof and buildings surrounded by lush greenery. The interior of your premises is characterized by a slightly pale luminosity, which adds to its softness and gives it a relaxing character.

It is an ideal place to rest after a day full of sun like those offered by Disneyland. In addition, its wooded character makes it the perfect hotel to experience wonderful autumn and winter evenings, with family or friends. The Sequoia Lodge offers you two restaurants located on the ground floor and offering a direct view of Lake Disney. On the first floor you will also find a bar that welcomes you in an environment that invites rest and rejuvenation.

And if you go with children, don’t worry, they won’t get bored with the nearby play area. Finally, Sequoia rooms are available in different configurations, from standard rooms to Golden Forest Club suites. Each configuration is associated with a specific quality of service, with the guarantee of minimum comfort for a pleasant stay.

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe for a Mexican vibe

Rated 2 stars, Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe is one of the cheapest hotels in Disneyland. Contrary to what its rating might suggest, this hotel offers excellent value for money. Upon entering Disney’s Santa Fe Hotel, it is incredibly warm staff who welcome you to look after your reservations The interior of all its rooms is characterized by perfect cleanliness, with an efficient and attentive service. It also offers very good quality bedding for the comfort of its customers.

The small problem with this hotel is undoubtedly the gigantic size of its building, which can produce a feeling of disorientation among customers. Due to its very affordable prices, it receives a large number of people on a daily basis, which makes it quite a noisy place. However, apart from this minor drawback, Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe presents itself as a pleasant place for a budget family stay. It also stands out for its restaurant, La Cantina, which delights customers with its Mexican specialty and its vegetarian menu available upon request.

Regarding accommodation, the hotel only has 4 rooms that give access to similar services, without appreciable difference. Three of the four bedrooms can only accommodate up to 4 people, while the last one can accommodate 6 people. Most of the rooms are occupied at the beginning of the holidays., for its affordable prices and the quality of hotel services. To make sure you can stay there during your trip to Disneyland, I suggest you make a reservation well in advance.

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Photo by Craig Adderley @Pexels

Mine Train fans will sleep at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

Completely Wild West-inspired, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne is the best value hotel in Disneyland Park. If you’re a fan of mine trains and Pixar-type attractions, this is probably the place to stay. During your stay, you can immerse yourself in the world of the Wild West, riding a pony. You can also explore the General Store, the Western-themed grocery store where you can walk away with various Disney memorabilia.

By the way, you can also stop to take a selfie with Woody or Jessie, characters from Toy Story present at the hotel. Regarding accommodation, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne offers cozy rooms for up to 4 people. All the rooms are air-conditioned and painted in the colors of the Toy Story movie. In addition, for parents of young children, a babysitting service is also available for the supervision of their children.

Like a wish to sail at Disney’s Newport Bay Club

Disney’s Newport Bay Club is a 4-star hotel located about fifteen minutes from the entrance to Disney Park. It stands out among the other hotels for its colors (white and blue) that combine perfectly with its spa decoration. If you are a lover of the sea, this is without a doubt the hotel you should choose as the destination for your stay at Disney. As soon as they enter their lobby, they are greeted by Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, to immortalize the moment.

You can also enjoy the hotel’s indoor and outdoor heated pool and the unique comfort in each of its rooms. These are available in various ranges including some are even adapted for people with reduced mobility. A major asset that sets Disney’s Newport Bay Club apart from other Disney Park hotels.

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