What to do on the way from San Francisco to Las Vegas?


Que faire sur la route de San Francisco à Las Vegas

The road from San Francisco to Las Vegas is full of fabulous places to discover, here are some ideas for your road trip!

Maybe you really want discover California and the American West Coast. To simplify your trip, I have prepared a small practical guide to the places you should not miss during your trip. Have a good trip !

a mythical journey

The West Coast is a dream. Dream beaches, incredible deserts, impressive cities. Therefore, it is quite normal to want to know more and go on an adventure in this sector of the United States. Various possibilities are then available to explore the place. And among these, the highway from san francisco to las vegas it is an optimal option to better discover the local wonders.

If you have little time on the site, it is better to opt for the plane. Several flights are offered daily between the two cities. It’s obviously a less comprehensive way to explore, but you can still see great scenery from the porthole.

For the more adventurous, it is also possible to explore the 900 kilometers by car or bicycleeven if nothing stops you, on foot!

Let’s opt for the least tiring solution and board a car for Las Vegas. You will easily find many car rental agencies of all types in San Francisco.

For drive in the united states and rent your vehicle, you must have over 21 (and sometimes 25) and have a driver’s license, without the need for an international license. Complete with a passport and a credit card and you’re ready.

One piece of advice: don’t forget that in the United States the automatic gearbox is king. Therefore, it will be necessary to train it a little in its handling, but a lot

American roads are of very good quality. But if you decide to leave the main routes, you may have you need a 4X4 to cross the small roads. Think about it before renting your vehicle.

The ideal is to offer one week to reach the two American cities. Of course, you can shorten your time on the site, but it will take at least 4 days to complete the circuit.

On the route, many hotels and restaurants are available. The itinerary that I propose is possible from June to October, dates that correspond to the opening of the Tioga Pass.

What to do on the way from San Francisco to Las Vegas

in the port of San Francisco

A walk through San Francisco

You can see the famous golden gate bridgethe museums, Chinatown or get on board legendary cable car. Once the city is better known, you can leave it. Also explore Alcatraz prison. To save money on your activities, I suggest San Francisco City Pass.

Even if the city is gigantic, it remains on a human scale! To get the most out of it, allow at least 2 days on site It is a good idea. Time to go now!

A trip down memory lane

The first step will take you through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It’s a little detour from your itinerary, but well worth it. Go to jamestown and immerse yourself in the history of the gold rush. You will then visit towns built for the occasion in a few months and learn about panning for gold in the river.

After this trip back in time, get back in the car and head to a famous park.

Yosemite Park and Sierra Nevada

It is through the west entrance that you will enter the mythical park. If you have time, I advise you to book one or two nights on the site to better explore the amazing place.

You can spend long minutes marveling a dream setting at Glacier Point, El Capitan, Half Dome or Merced Grove. Also don’t forget discover the beautiful redwoods at Mariposa Grove.

Along Tioga Street

cross the park and join las vegaswill you take the Tioga Highway (CA 120) in a high mountain environment. take a break in Olmsted Point where will you see the half vault. I also recommend that you join soda spring. You will have to walk an hour, but it is worth it. You follow the beautiful river to the historic cabins and you can immerse yourself in an incredible nature.

Camp in Yosemite Park

If you plan to stay in the park for a long time, why not camp there? Many campsites are present there.

The time has come to leave this magnificent park to discover other landscapes!

Borrowing 395 and discover portbridge, Lee Vining or Mammoth Lake. Take a short detour back to the Devil’s Postpile, where the decoration made up of dizzying basalt columns it’s amazing how momo lakea place where you will feel as if you were on another planet.

If you can afford it, you can also take a short walk through body ghost town, a fascinating site. Then continue on your way.

the Sierra Nevada Waiting for you. Some stages are unavoidable on this route, such as lonely pine which is located just after the exit of Death Valley, a legendary site.

Death Valley, a must

East National Park It also deserves a more complete visit than a fast pass. The park covers more than 700 km², therefore, it is necessary to make a selection so as not to spend a whole month there. You can marvel at the Owens Fault, at the east exit of the site.

I will add the lake tahoe to his discovery program and of course to the famous Valley of Death. This site is simply awesome.

Therefore, you can make a stop at the crater of the Ubehebe volcanorelax in Dante’s view (a sunset is a must here) or be enchanted by the sunrise at Zabriskie Point. You can also reach the lowest point in the United States: Badwater, which is -86 m below sea level.

Lone Pine, a jump in time

Complete your discovery of the area lonely pine. This small town deserves that you stop there. you will see many western style buildings And a totally different vibe than San Francisco or Las Vegas!

Here, we take our time and indulge trout fishing with passion. It is the ideal starting point for hikers joining the alabama hills where he mount whitneypoint tallest in the United States outside of Alaska. You leave California to enter Nevada.

Las Vegas opens its doors to you

It’s time to leave nature and its wonders to reach your destination, the incredible city of sin: Las Vegas. you will have to tell everything two hour drive between Death Valley and Las Vegas.

The city obviously offers many casinos where you can try your luck, I recommend sleep at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, my favorite hotel! !

You can also attend many shows and explore museums. I recommend it to you National Atomic Testing Museum, a somewhat surprising place since it is dedicated to the nuclear tests that took place in the past in the surrounding desert. Another museum is also worth a few hours of your time: the Mob museum.

take you for an expert

If you are CSI series fananother activity will make you happy: CSI experience. Then you will have to solve an investigation by studying the crime scene. Very Playful! Meet at the MGM Grand, 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas.

jump into the void

If you want to gain height, finally, do not miss the stratosphere tower. At its top, you will have a 360° view of the city and its surroundings. Once totally amazed, you can also have fun, because the place presents many activities (Insanity the Ride, Big Shot, or the incredible sky jump that allows you to jump from the tower into the void).

And The Canyon in all this?

If you can, you can too visit the grand canyon. The place is 450 km from the city, but many helicopters that depart from Las Vegas allow you to discover this incredible natural space. Closer (45 minutes by car), I can also advise you to join the vacuum dam, a water tank that marks the spirits. If you have time, you can also rent a Sky Jet or boat for a day out on Lake Mead.

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