The definitive guide for your trip to Croatia


Road Trip en Croatie

Explore Croatia on a road trip! Find out everything you need to know to organize your road trip in Croatia! 5, 10 or 12 days, your personalized itinerary!

degree of appetite and the kitchen you eat! In any case, plan the same budget as a trip to France when you go on a road trip to Croatia. Simply because food prices are essentially the same.

Budget visit of tourist places in Croatia

During your road trip, you will want to visit tourist places. On average, tickets to national parks cost €25. The private beaches are priced between €6 and €10 per day, including the rental of mats and umbrellas. As for the museums, you can find admission prices from €5 to around twenty euros.

For a dozen tours and activities, plan on around €150 per person.

Mixer camping, Hotels and Bed & Breakfast

Depending on whether you are going on a road trip as a family, alone, as a couple or with friends, you can control your accommodation budget by mixing the different types of places with camping rentals in Croatia and hotels, according to your wishes.

Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts are available in the main cities you will pass through. Relative to the campsites, plan your tent and take advantage of the many natural parks and lakes to set it up comfortably!

Road trip in Croatia

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5 day itinerary

Day 1: Pula

Located at the tip of the Istrian peninsula, Pula is the largest city in northern Croatia. Take advantage of your stopover in this metropolis to visit the amphitheater, the aquarium and the traditional fishing port.

Day 2: Zadar

Particularly known for its Roman ruins, Zadar is a modern student city. Take the opportunity to spend a few hours on Sakarun beach, with your feet submerged in the fine white sand!

Day 3: Hvar Island

Hvar is an island accessible from the city of Makarska. The island spa offers you true cures for rejuvenation and relaxation. Also, by going there in low season, you will avoid the tourist flow!

Day 4 and 5 Dubrovnik

An authentic fortified city, Dubrovnik is surrounded by walls that plunge directly into the Adriatic Sea. This heritage site is absolutely stunning and offers you an incredible panoramic view of the orange tiled roofs on one side and the deep blue of the sea on the other. A must visit place!

10 day itinerary

Days 1 to 2: Istria

Arriving in Croatia through Italy and southern Slovenia, it reaches the Istria region. You can spend your first two days discovering the cities of Porec, Pula and Badema.

Days 3 to 5 Velebit

Then follow the coast south into the Velebit region. Take advantage of this route to make stops at all the small islands of the Adriatic Sea by taking the ferry to reach them.

Days 6 to 8: Dalmatia

The region of Dalmatia is located in the south of Croatia and makes you discover many very nice natural parks to camp during your road trip.

Road trip in Croatia

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Day 9 to 10: Slavonia

For the last two days of your Croatia adventure, head north to the Slavonia region. Take the opportunity to make a stop in the capital, Zagreb, to visit many museums. A cultural place to discover absolutely!

12 day itinerary

Among the 12-day itineraries that you can do during your road trip in Croatia, we advise you to have the city of Rovinj, located in the province of Istria, as your first destination. Then travel along the entire coast to Rabe Island. Extending your road trip to the south of Croatia, you will reach the town of Sibenik, near Krka Park. Then climb back up towards Cetina and complete the circuit passing by the Plitvice Lakes.


The city of Rovinj is ideal for watching the sun set over the Adriatic Sea. Walk through the small cobbled streets of the city and discover a colorful and ancient architecture that definitely immerses you in another era.

arab island

The island of Rabe is a real gem to discover imperatively! All the beaches along the coast are absolutely fantastic! Also, if you do your road trip in Croatia in low season, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the almost desert-like white sand!


Sibenik is a port city that has preserved the architecture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. With its cathedral listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will discover a true historical gem.


The source of the Cetina River forms a beautiful natural lake with an intense sky blue complexion. If you have a drone, take advantage of this technology to take a photo of the oval-shaped lake that almost resembles the eye of a mythological Cyclops!

plitvice lakes

In a vast natural park, discover the Plitvice Lakes. It is a chain made up of 16 lakes arranged in a staircase connected by waterfalls. You can walk along paths that wind through this impressive landscape.

Practical information about Croatia

Modes of transport in Croatia

To get the most out of your road trip in Croatia, we advise you to live your adventure 100%! For this, many public transports allow you to discover each city as well as certain places to see absolutely. In the vast majority of popular cities you will find buses, trams and trains connecting major cities such as Rijeka. Split and Zagreb.

Either you’re going on a trip In Croatia with a rental car in place, you can fly from one major city to another. Especially since the prices of the flights are quite affordable: from €20 for a short internal distance.

But also, take ferries or small boats to discover all the small islands around Croatia! To do this, you just have to go to a port, choose a company and your destination and continue your adventure!

local currency

The currency of Croatia is the Croatian Kuna. The value of a kuna is 0.13 euros. If you are going on a road trip, we recommend that you do not carry too much cash, for obvious security reasons! On the other hand, in the big Croatian cities there are several exchange houses as well as banks where you can officially convert your currencies.

In addition, it is important to have Croatian currency with you to pay your expenses, since shops, and even hotels, do not accept payments in euros. Don’t worry, you can always pay with your credit card. Just make sure that you have no payment restrictions abroad before leaving.

Road trip in Croatia

Old Dubrovnik © Can Stock Photo / cescassawin

Communication and traditions in Croatia

As Croatia is a particularly touristy country, English, German, French and Italian are well-known languages ​​in tourist areas. However, English is still the language that allows you to converse most easily during your road trip in Croatia.

With this ultimate guide, you have all the cards in hand to plan your 5, 10 or 12 day road trip in Croatia! Stock up on beautiful souvenirs and start filling your travel journal!

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