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EVJ meilleurs destinations

Organize a bachelor party in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Discover the 5 coldest cities for a bachelor party!

Traditionally, the bachelor party (EVG) celebrates the end of a man’s celibacy, on the eve of his wedding. A party organized among friends, full of activities, surprises or good restaurants. And how about bringing this event to life abroad?

Discover 5 favorite destinations for an unusual stag party that you can book yourself or count on the professionalism of an agency to organize a stag party that will take care of everything for you!

Best VJV Destinations

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1. Amsterdam

Why choose Amsterdam for a stag party?

Welcome to Amsterdam! One of the most beautiful towns in Europe where canals and bridges from the 17th century cross the cobbled streets. Planted on a movie set, the traditional houses built on stilts and painted in fresh colors display architecture that is both modern and historic. The city of Amsterdam is majestic for a single party !

Restaurants and bars in Amsterdam for your bachelor party

On every corner, in every square and in every neighborhood, you will find typical Amsterdam bars and restaurants! The atmosphere is friendly and the customers happy. And even if you don’t reserve your table, you will always find one while you walk through the streets of the city.

Among the must-sees, Gartine, located at Takseeg 7, is an organic gourmet restaurant that welcomes you in a stunning ancient setting. Continue your evening at Skylounge Amsterdam, at Oosterdoksstraat 4, in a magnificent rooftop cocktail bar to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city until the early hours!

Things to do in Amsterdam for a stag party

For your bachelor party or that of your best friend, if you choose the city of Amsterdam, you are bound to savor the chill spirit of the canals! Cross the city in one of these charming boats and enjoy all the beating heart of the great Amsterdam, so vibrant and moving!

Bachelor party in Amsterdam

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2. Barcelona

Why choose Barcelona for a bachelor party?

As a true little Catalan gem, Barcelona is a dream destination for a successful stag party! Tapas, smiles, bars, restaurants, beach, everything is accessible there to spend a splendid day with friends!

Restaurants and bars in Barcelona for your bachelor party

In Barcelona you will find all the good humor and joy of living Spanish! The restaurants and bars then number in the hundreds, and you are spoiled for choice. I have selected 2 places for you to celebrate your bachelor party. Bambarol is a tapas restaurant that takes you on a journey into the deepest flavors of Spanish cuisine. End your evening at the Bambu Beach Bar, in a holiday atmosphere, with your feet in the sand.

Activities to absolutely do in Barcelona for a bachelor party

We can never say enough: Gaudi designed the city of Barcelona! With the Sagrada Familia, of course, but also La Pedrera, Casa Batlló and Gaudí’s Le Capricho. And the best for last: Park Güell and its fantastic fountain! When you go with friends, admire the Güell Crypt, simply exceptional. The artist has other surprises in store for you in the streets of the city, in your blind walks through the great Barcelona it is up to you to find them.

Barcelona beach

3. New York

Why choose New York for a bachelor party?

Quintessential dream destination, New York is an original city to celebrate a bachelor party. The different facets of the city allow you to choose the neighborhood that inspires you the most: Brooklyn, Chinatown, Manhattan or Soho.

Restaurants and bars in New York for your bachelor party

How about having a good time at Scarlett Green? This is an Australian restaurant that offers delicious brunches typical of New York, located in Soho. In a decoration that transports you to the 30s, you will also immerse yourself in a relaxed and velvety atmosphere. To spend a good night out with the boys, Hitche & Seek is an international bar where you can taste the best cocktails in the world!

Things to do in New York for a bachelor party

New York is a city that lives abroad! Everything is unmissable in this great metropolis: shopping, architecture, museums, as well as parks. For a bachelor party, nothing like a great walk through the streets of new york, camera and camera in hands. All this supervised by the good humor that must be had for this particular event.

new york activities


Why choose Marseille for a bachelor party?

City in the south of France, between the creeks of Cassis and the Mediterranean, Marseille is an original destination for a bachelor party. Very lively and particularly lively, the city center and its surroundings are rich in color and warmth.

Restaurants and bars in Marseille for your bachelor party

Among the best restaurants in Marseille, La Délicatesse is a very classic restaurant that offers generous, tasty and fragrant menus. A bachelor party worthy of the name is celebrated in a cozy, masculine bar with a strong character. You’ll find all the features at Carry Nation, accessible by reservation only!

Activities to absolutely do in Marseille for a stag party

In Marseille, life is slowing down. Take a leisurely stroll through the Panier neighborhood, visit the Old Port and appreciate all the Mediterranean atmosphere. You can also climb the tower of Notre-Dame de la Garde to admire the heights of the city.

things to do in Marseille

5. Prague

Why choose Prague for a stag party?

In this natural environment, the prague city it is a concentrate of baroque architecture. Ideal to spend a day of bachelor party, this great European city is rich in emotions and holds wonderful memories for you.

Restaurants and bars in Prague for your bachelor party

For a stag party, a restaurant that is both chic and elegant is a must! At the Kogo Slovansky Dum you can taste the best of Mediterranean cuisine: fresh fish, seafood and other typical Czech dishes. The dishes transport you beyond all your expectations. After a delicious meal, continue your evening at Café 80’s, a friendly bar gourmet beer that makes you travel in all the flavors of hops.

Essential activities in Prague for a stag party

For an unforgettable bachelor party, the most beautiful and unmissable experience in Prague is the beer bath. Yes ! You read that right, a beer bath! The Beer Spa offers you this very original activity: take a refreshing bath in the traditional oak jars.

This craft cosmetic activity allows your body to benefit from the moisturizing and antiseptic properties of brewer’s yeast. In addition to this extraordinary moment, you will also have the pleasure of tasting Czech beers, amber colored as you wish.

romantic prague


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