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Restaurant Monsieur Dior

Dior is a legendary brand in the world of fashion. He recently opened a restaurant orchestrated by the no less famous Jean Imbert: Monsieur Dior.

We all know the famous designer Dior and his amazing clothes. But did you know that the famous couturier Christian Dior was a gourmet and an inveterate foodie? For this reason, the brand has decided to pay tribute to him by opening a high-end restaurant in March 2022 that is worth the detour.

A high place of Parisian gastronomy

If you want to discover this restaurant that proudly bears the name of its creator, you’ll have to go to the legendary store on Avenue Montaigne. Push the door and you are in a totally separate universe. The place is also home to a very high-end dining room (I’ll come back to this), a museum, a private suite, three gardens, and of course the Dior boutique and all the men’s and women’s fashion products.

When I told you about the dining room, I was actually referring to two different and at the same time complementary spaces. One room emphasizes purity with its pristine white walls and large mirror (designed by Claudia Wieser).

This space contrasts with the red room that is decorated with a composition by Guy Limone, an immense pictorial work made up of images that traces the history of the creator and the Dior house. Added to this is a painting by René Bouché, which illustrates the creator at the table. The mix made me think of the living room of the Restaurant of the Hotel Bachaumont !

Monsieur Dior Restaurant

Wide benches or comfortable armchairs dressed in a very chic two-tone checkerboard (chosen according to the tone of the room), but also tableware from the Dior house collection, waiters’ suits made in Dior, everything is designed to create spaces or luxury. it is present without exaggeration. From the restaurant, there is a unique view of the garden.

Strawberry Basil Tart, a Dior Coffee Cake

Strawberry Basil Tart, a Dior Coffee Cake

The venue is complete with a patisserie and food corner, where foodies can sit at a table over revisited French pastry classics and a rare cup of coffee. The corner is installed very close to the gallery and offers a relaxed and chic atmosphere very much in tune with the times. So much for the atmosphere!

And on the table?

The driver of the kitchens is the famous chef Jean Imbert. Known for his reinterpretations of the great classics of French gastronomy, his inventiveness and his generosity, the chef offers you clean and delicate, simple and exceptional dishes.

Take a seat and enjoy a truffle croquemonsieur or a soft-boiled egg on a bed of caviar, sweet pepper ravioli or an amazing grapefruit and avocado sponge cake. You can also enjoy a simple entrecôte with fries, a dish loved by Christian Dior (he enjoyed this dish before every fashion show, for the record).

Many dishes are directly inspired by the dishes grouped in the creator’s book “La cuisine cousu-main”. You will be able to savor the Cuban-style turbot, a mythical dish from the book. The chef has thought of everything to pay homage to Dior. The Colle Noire soup contains herbs from the garden of the creator’s residence (the Château de la Colle Noire).

You will understand, the place seduces!

All understated and yet incredibly refined, the Monsieur Dior, opened just a few months ago, has already managed to carve out a special place for itself in the hearts of Parisian gourmets and international visitors to the capital. We appreciate its impeccable service and the diversity of its dishes (vegetarians have much to enjoy).

The place is magnificent, neither too stuffy nor artificial. The menu offers dishes from 50 to 90 euros. And the restaurant is handicapped accessible. However, reservations are essential. If it’s full, come and have a coffee and a pastry at Café Dior, a delight also to discover!

Cafe Dior in Paris

Cafe Dior in Paris

If you are passing through the neighborhood and want discover excellent cuisine in Paris, the Monsieur Dior restaurant may be a good address. Combining lunch and a visit to the museum is a delicious idea. The place is nice, the staff professional.

It is definitely worth a visit to immerse yourself in the Dior universe and, if your budget does not allow you to eat a full meal, I advise you to try a simple pastry there (see my photo above). You can enjoy the atmosphere without breaking the bank and without wasting time.

Monsieur Dior Restaurant
32, Avenue Montaigne 75008 Paris
Phone: +33140735363
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