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Week-end romantique à Lyon

As one of the largest cities in France, Lyon is an ideal destination for a romantic weekend.

In fact, the City of Light reserves beautiful moments and magnificent discoveries for its visitors. Whether it’s the medieval streets, the renowned restaurants or its warm and welcoming population, Lyon has all the advantages for an unforgettable romantic getaway. Prepare your bag for the weekendWe give you some tips to make your romantic weekend getaway a success.

Book your train ticket

To make your romantic weekend in Lyon a success, one of the first steps of this romantic trip is to book your means of transport. Between plane, car, shared car, train or bus, there are many ways to get to the City of Light. The train is one of the means of transport that allows you to make the most of your trip and relieve you of a weight (the route, the cost of the road, the duration, etc.). If you live in the French capital, book a Paris/Lyon train ticket to benefit from numerous advantages.

Travel in comfort in first class

Choosing the train for a Paris/Lyon trip allows you to make the most of your trip. In order to make the trip in a pleasant atmosphere, we particularly recommend that you buy a first class ticket. Depending on the chosen railway company, traveling in first class offers many advantages. In fact, you will have the right to wide reclining seats and comfortable with amenities like a personal USB port or free Wi-Fi.

Traveling by train in first class can also mean free drinks or meals. First Class also offers peace and serenity to make the most of your romantic journey. is also a advantageous quality/price option. In fact, there’s not that big of a difference between the price of a first-class trip and a second-class one.

Romantic weekend in Lyon

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Be available to your partner

Traveling by train from Paris to Lyon is also a perfect opportunity to meet during the trip. In particular, you can discuss the activities you want to do in Lyon during this romantic weekend. In addition, the advantage of traveling by train is that you will not experience fatigue from the journey.

A simplified trip

By choosing to travel by train, you are choosing speed and serenity. It won’t be about wasting time looking for a spot upon arrival or paying for parking. In addition, you will arrive directly at the city center, so you will have everything close: shops, pharmacy, etc. It is also an ecological mode of transport adapted to small budgets. However, you should think about booking your train tickets well in advance to get the best prices. You also have the option to purchase a discount or subscription card for benefit from attractive prices.

Activities to do during a romantic weekend in Lyon

Lyon is a city that has great surprises in store for you. The City of Light has no shortage of romantic activities to allow its visitors make the most of your romantic stay.

romantic walks

The romantic walk along the water is one of the classics for a successful romantic weekend in Lyon. This city has two rivers (the Saône and the Rhône) that meet at the southern end of the peninsula. Especially designed for pedestrians, the quays of the Saône and the quays of the Rhône are places that offer pleasant moments of strolling for lovers. A walk along the seafront, on the quays, will allow you to admire the old buildings that house the Lumière 2 University, but also the recently renovated Tony Bertrand nautical center. Your walk along the Quai du Rhône will also allow you discover the architecture of the city.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation with a couple’s massage

To enhance your romantic weekend in Lyon, we recommend that you book a relaxing treatment session for two. The city is full of numerous wellness and spa establishments offering high-quality services. Do not hesitate to reserve an afternoon for a session of relaxation and relaxation as a couple. This will allow you recharge your energy on the one hand, but also to take advantage of these moments to enhance your relationship with your partner and especially your moments of complicity.

Treat yourself to a romantic dinner

Considered the French capital of gastronomy, Lyon is a true paradise for food lovers. Take advantage of your romantic weekend to have dinner with your partner in one of the many restaurants in the square. High-end dishes and regional specialties are served to customers, in a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. You can taste the praline, the brioche sausage and the quenelle de Lyon, among others, which are specialties of the city.

romantic dinner lyon

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Places to visit during a romantic getaway to Lyon

Lyon is a city rich in culture and in the charm of its inhabitants, but also in its many tourist sites. A romantic weekend is also an ideal opportunity to discover the city from another angle.

Take a walk in the Tête d’Or park

If you are a fan of open spaces, the Parc de la Tête d’Or is a must-see place that you must visit. With its 117 hectares of parkland and its large lake in the middle, this huge park that looks like New York’s Central Park is undoubtedly “the ideal place” for a romantic weekend in Lyon. If you are a plant lover, we also advise you to visit the Botanical garden located to the east of the parcons On the other hand, if you prefer to visit the park and the banks of the Rhône by bike, a Velo’v terminal is set up right in front of the park. Please note that the first 30 minutes of your bike tour session are completely free.

Organize a visit to the Museum of the Confluence

If you are passionate about architecture, we recommend that you take a tour of the magnificent Museum of the Confluence. This building is actually a true architectural gem. During your visit to this incredible museum, you will surely come across the Choulans Mammoth, which was discovered in 1859 on the slopes of Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon.

Exchange a loving kiss on Barbe Island

Located 3 kilometers north of central Lyon, Île Barbe is accessible by a bridge that crosses the Saône. This island offers a quiet place for romantic walks. Although much of Barbe Island is private, it is still possible to visit quiet spots dotting the water’s edge. You can therefore have a romantic getaway in a 5th century abbey, go to the traboules (passages widely used in the Middle Ages) or visit beautiful old houses during your romantic weekend.

You can also take advantage of your romantic weekend in Lyon to visit the Museum of Fine Arts or to admire the sunset at the top of the Fourvière. For a successful romantic getaway in Lyon, don’t forget to book a train ticket. Before discovering the assets of the City of Light, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your romantic trip in comfort and tranquility.

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