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I propose a program for a week of visiting Montreal, so you don’t miss anything of this beautiful city.

Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada, after Toronto. If you only have a week to visit it, it is best to organize your stay in advance. Thus, you will go to the essential without missing the essential.

I have prepared a program for you that contains everything you absolutely must see and do. As a bonus, I’ll reveal some secret places to enhance your stay in Montrealeverything more than 5 days because it takes a day to arrive, and another to leave!

one week program to visit montreal

Day 1

On the first day, I advise you to get on an open-top London bus. This type of transport will allow you to orient yourself in the city and get a general idea of ​​the center. In addition, you have a guide to inform you about the history of Montreal.

The best option is to choose a route where you can get on and off whenever you want. There are a dozen possible stops: Chinatown, Montreal Casino, Mount Royal Park… The choice is yours.

Having had a look at Montreal, I suggest you go for a drink and more if you like in an unusual place, at Furco Bar located at 425 Rue Mayor. This former fur warehouse has been transformed into a cozy bar with a strong industrial decor. I recommend it, because everything is there to spend a good evening: cocktails and quality food and above all a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Some nights you can even attend music concerts.

Day 2

Today we go to the old velodrome of the 1976 Montreal Olympics. This building has been restored to give life to a huge interior garden: the Biodôme (477, Avenue de Pierre Coubertin). The latter is home to 5 ecosystems: the tropical forest, the Gulf of Saint Laurent, the Laurentian maple forest, the Labrador coast and the subantarctic islands.

In each of these spaces you can observe the fauna and flora that characterize the place. This outing is a must, especially if you have children. Adults and children will delight in all kinds of animals such as lynxes, penguins, as well as an extraordinary underwater fauna.

The visit to the Biodôme de Montréal is suitable for rainy days, as it takes place in a covered area. If the forecast is particularly bad on one day of the week, consider keeping this activity as a backup. In the heart of the city and in bad weather, it is possible to offer you a getaway in nature.

After this visit, you may feel a little hungry. Follow me, I’ll take you to dinner at Pullman’s wine bar. The latter is located at 3424, Avenue du Parc, a few blocks from Furco. Here, a good wine and food menu is offered. The staff is very welcoming and always gives good advice to find the perfect combination between wines and dishes. Remember to book because it is usually full.

Day 3

For this third day, I suggest you take an excursion to Quebec and Montmorency Falls. To get there you have two options: either rent a car or book this day with a travel agency. The second option allows you to let yourself be guided and not worry about the route.

Leave Montreal to discover the charming city of Quebec: its narrow streets, its hills, its old town listed as a UNESCO heritage site. Accompanied by a guide, you will be able to learn more about its history and heritage. This getaway includes a visit to Montmorency Falls. These are located near the city. Contrary to Niagara Fallsthey are higher and the surroundings less touristy.

Whether you watch them from the viewpoint or from the suspension bridge, the spectacle is dizzying. In winter, the splashes from the waterfall freeze and turn into a spectacular sugar loaf. Don’t forget to check out the west side of the falls. Climbers sometimes scale the icy walls of this cliff.

Day 4

Like the Montreal Biodome, the biosphere is part of the infrastructure of spaces for life. These are institutions that were created to make visitors aware of environmental issues. For the fourth day, I recommend the visit of the Montreal biosphere.

You will be able to admire its exhibitions, its gardens and an impressive view of the city. This sphere-shaped building is located at 160, chemin du Tour de l’Isle, on the island of Sainte Hélène. Take the opportunity to discover the island and take a walk through the old port of Montreal, just opposite.

One of the inescapable specialties of the old port is the beaver tail. I assure you right away, this has nothing to do with the animal. It is a delicacy, more precisely a fried dough that you can decorate according to your wishes: with sugar and lemon, or for those with a sweet tooth with chocolate and sweets. Admittedly, this snack is pretty high in calories, but it’s so comforting, we want more! The Beaver Tail brand has opened several addresses in the city, in addition to others in Canada, the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

The one in the old port is located at 2, rue de la commune Ouest. I suggest you end your day a few steps from the old port in the best cocktail bars in montreal, at the Distillery. There are four establishments in Montreal. The closest to the old port is at 300, Rue Ontario E, from the old port you can get there on foot if you are not afraid to walk about thirty minutes.

Day 5

Today I have prepared a relaxing day for you strolling through Old Montreal and ending the night in a nice place.

Strolling through the alleys of the historic center allows you to discover Montreal’s shops, restaurants and heritage buildings, such as the Notre-Dame Basilica. Built in 1829, this building attracts a large number of visitors. Pushing through the doors of this church, you can only marvel at its sculptures, stained glass windows and architecture. A light and sound show is offered to you every night starting at 6 pm Remember to book your tickets online to attend.

For your evening, do not leave the neighborhood by going to the Philemon Bar located at 111, Rue Saint Paul O. In a relaxed and warm atmosphere, you can enjoy an aperitif and a quality meal.

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