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Que faire à Montréal cet été

You may be wondering what you can do in Montreal this summer in the event of a heat wave. Here are 4 air-conditioned activity ideas to keep you cool.

When our country is affected by heat waves, it is sometimes necessary get out of the city and into the countrybut this is not necessarily possible, or not necessarily sufficient… Therefore, the Quebec Ministry of Health issues a host of suggestions to help you better manage discomfort, one of which is staying indoors with air conditioning.

We’ve been looking for cool places in Montreal that will allow you to get out of your home if temperatures rise dangerously high this summer in our beautiful city!

What to do in Montreal this summer

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1.Montreal Casino

The first option that we recommend is the Casino de Montréal. Maybe you usually play at online casinos in Quebec, but with the rising heat, you’ll have to say goodbye to gaming sessions from your computer to go to a land-based gaming room.

The Casino de Montréal will then be an excellent address as you will be able to stay cool, but also have fun in perfect conditions. In fact, the house offers slot machines in large numbers, as well as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker tables. In addition, bars and restaurants are open for you to enjoy to the fullest throughout the day.

You can get there via the yellow metro line, stop Jean Drapeau, or take the 767 bus (or another depending on your location).

2. Bowling clubs

Do you want to find a beautiful retro entertainment? Located in the heart of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, the Darling Quilles Salon is, in our opinion, one of the most attractive clubs in the city, thanks in particular to its unique decoration. based on a retro, vintage and sixties atmosphere.

On the program, 24 slopes, a bar and a restaurant: that is, you can stay there for hours while enjoying the air conditioning at full blast. You arrive, order a small glass to taste a few games, then as soon as you feel hungry, you run to the Dinner to eat before going back to crushing your friends in the next rounds of bowling.

3. The Montreal Biodome

This living museum located in the old Vélodrome of Montreal is the perfect option if you do not want to suffer from heat stroke while you stay with your children. From section to section, you can discover:

  • The tropical rainforest;
  • The North Pole and the South Pole;
  • The Laurentian forest, that is to say the mixed forest of Quebec;
  • The Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Adults and children will be able to discover animal and vegetable spaces of all kinds, passing through spaces with very different temperatures. Once the classic visit is over, you can participate in activities, but also go to the different exhibitions organized by the museum.

It is located at 4777 Av. Pierre-De Coubertin, Montreal, accessible through the Metro Bleu Viau station.

4. An escape game

Do you like puzzles? Do you want to embark on an adventure that is both immersive and fun? So we advise you to go to the EZKAPAZ escape game area. Depending on the number of participants (and yes, you will have to invite friends) and their age (kids are welcome too), you will be able to choose between three scenarios. How to make your selection? Well, simply according to:

  • The theme that you like the most;
  • The duration of the activity you plan to perform;
  • The level of difficulty you are ready to face!

Please also note that EZKAPAZ offers its services in the context of team building activities. Do not hesitate to discuss it with your company, which may be interested in organizing an upcoming outing with your team!

They are located at 3955 Boul. Saint Laurent, Montreal.

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