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When buying your plane ticket, don’t forget your flight cancellation insurance! Discover 5 things you need to know to take out flight cancellation insurance!

The cancellation insurance guarantees the total or partial reimbursement of your plane ticket in case of force majeure: cancellation due to storm, strike or technical incident with the plane.

Any other unforeseen event is also taken into account in this insurance policy. To avoid losing your money or getting stuck at the airport, make sure you’re well covered. To do this, find out 5 things you absolutely need to know about this travel insurance.

flight cancellation insurance

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1. Flight cancellation insurance: optional, but highly recommended!

Subscription to flight cancellation insurance remains optional. However, it is strongly recommended to subscribe to it, especially since the coverage can reach up to 100% of the price of your ticket, in the event of cancellation or force majeure.

When buying your tickets from a tour operator or directly on the airline’s website, the option of flight cancellation insurance is systematically offered.

From the moment you choose to contract this flight cancellation insurance, the total amount of your basket is affected by its price. On average, this insurance represents between 3% and 4% of the amount of your plane ticket or your entire stay.

But also, if you are abroad while the airline announces the cancellation of the flight, it must be able to divert you to your country of origin. And this, under the same transport conditions as those stipulated in your ticket. For example, if you took a seat in first class, your return should be done in the same way. In addition, the airline is also required to pay a fixed compensation based on the distance between the 2 countries. And, if your repatriation must include many stopovers with accommodation, it is the airline that pays your hotel and catering expenses.

Depending on the terms of the insurance you subscribe to, you will be covered in the event of involuntary cancellation. But also, if you have to voluntarily shorten your stay, the guarantee level of your flight cancellation insurance tells you up to what amounts you are likely to be reimbursed.

2. Subscription to flight cancellation insurance is limited in time!

In order for the guarantees of the flight cancellation insurance to be valid, you must contract it at the same time as the purchase of your plane ticket. Depending on the airlines, you may have an additional 24 hours from the date of purchase of your plane ticket to take out flight cancellation insurance.

You can also use the Europ Assistance offer, which offers a series of options adapted to your type of stay: very short stay, long stay, stay of more than one year, etc.

The deadline to request reimbursement from the insurance company is a maximum of 5 business days after the event that gave rise to the cancellation of your flight. The insurer may request supporting documents in order to process your request for reimbursement of your airline ticket.

In addition, in addition to the assumption of responsibility by the insurance of your airline ticket, other sums are also reimbursed after your cancellation. These include the airport tax (QW) and the passenger charge (OX).

3. Flight cancellation insurance only for valid causes and reasons

In order to benefit from insurance compensation in case of cancellation of your flight, the insurance company establishes strict conditions and eligible events.

The accident, illness or death of the traveler or a member of his family are some of the events that allow the refund of his plane ticket in case of cancellation. The reason can also be of an unpredictable nature: warning of storms, snow, cyclones, etc. But also, the cancellation of a flight can be due to a strike by the navigation staff, an act of terrorism or a technical incident of the plane.

This insurance has nothing to do with your European rights to claim compensation if your flight is delayed or canceled !

As far as students are concerned, there is an exceptional context for the reimbursement of an airline ticket that can lead to the cancellation of a flight: the summons for a make-up exam. This event must be the subject of proof presentation within 5 days from the date of request for cancellation of the flight by the tour operator or the airline.

4. Flight cancellation insurance can cover voluntary cancellation

As a general rule, the conditions of cancellation and refund of an airline ticket are valid if the cancellation of the flight is made in the context of force majeure.

However, for tickets issued after March 1, 2020, you have the option to request a non-refundable credit to book another airline ticket. This offer is valid for 1 year from the date of issue of your canceled ticket.

In this case, no change fees are applied, since these are covered by the flight cancellation insurance. To do this, you must contact the travel agency or airline that issued your ticket directly. As a general rule, the credit application is made directly online, on the websites of the airlines in question.

5. A single cancellation insurance for the whole family!

When you buy flight cancellation insurance, the contract covers all the plane tickets you buy. In fact, if you go with your family, all plane tickets are insured.

In addition, whether your reservation is for a single flight or a stay with accommodation, the cancellation insurance covers the entirety of your purchase.


Although it is optional, flight cancellation insurance is essential to get your plane ticket reimbursed in the event of cancellation. Whether the latter is at your request or in case of force majeure, it is always advantageous for the wallet to take out insurance that allows it to recover the sums spent.

Especially since, if you buy a plane ticket that is not modifiable or refundable and, moreover, in the absence of this cancellation insurance, you will not benefit from any refund!


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