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5 factors – Blog Les Saisies

Have you been spending time in your gym trying to build muscle but still not seeing progress?

Several things can explain why your muscles don’t grow or grow very slowly and most of them are due to your training and lifestyle. These are the possible reasons why you are not seeing the results you expect.

you do too much cardio

It is important to do cardio exercises. They help keep your body fat down and improve your heart health. Bicycling and running outdoors are also great activities to help keep your fitness, but also your mind, in good working order!

On the other hand, when you want to build muscle, doing cardio too often can slow down or even prevent muscle mass gains. They do not contribute to the hypertrophy of muscles, while bodybuilding does.

Cardio burns calories and puts your body in a deficit, which is not conducive to building muscle.

you’re not getting paid enough

When you started strength training, you started your exercises with light weights. Surely at first it suits you. But now you have to increase your weights!

If your reps get easier and easier and you finish your sets with no extra effort, that’s a factor in your plateau.

Lift your weights on the machines you use and carry the dumbbells overhead when working with free weights. For more information on weight gain in bodybuilding, visit the blog

you don’t get enough sleep

It is when your body is resting that you gain muscle mass. Microtears are, for example, a sports injury that shows that the body needs rest to rebuild and become stronger.

Overtraining can weaken it and even lead to injury. Therefore, you need to effectively manage your time between sessions and give your body time to rest.

You have developed muscle imbalances.

In bodybuilding, it sometimes happens that you develop muscle imbalances. As you train, a muscle gets stronger and you end up with muscle asymmetry.

This asymmetry can limit your ability to exercise effectively and therefore delay your muscle gain. It can also cause injury.

To avoid muscular imbalances, it is important to know your muscles well and work them all.

If you suspect a muscle imbalance, make an appointment with a physical therapist who will prescribe exercises to help you balance.

you make bad moves

Bodybuilding is good, but you still have to do clean and efficient movements. If you do your reps with the wrong movements, you’ll have a hard time making progress. Especially since a bad performance can lead to injuries!

That is also why it is interesting to go to a sports trainer or directly ask a trainer present in your gym to help you perform the different movements and exercises to have a good base.

And that also applies to experienced athletes! If you’re not sure about a move, it’s best to ask. If you’re not working the right muscles, you can’t expect to gain muscle mass.

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