10 destinations to go to in Spain in summer


Visiter Formentera

10 magical destinations to discover for your next vacation in Spain in summer, here is my ranking.

I invite you to discover 10 destinations in Spain for your next summer vacation. Ready to explore magnificent lands? Heading to the Iberian Peninsula!

1. Cadiz

Cádiz is a beautiful city located in the extreme south of Spain, in Andalusia. Nicknamed the Little Silver Cup, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys a Mediterranean climate. I recommend you to explore the old town that offers more than 3000 years of history to your eyes.

If you are a history buff, this city will enchant you with its Roman theatre, its baroque and neoclassical cathedral or the Tavira Tower from where the lookouts watched the return of the ships of the Spanish Crown from America.

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If you yearn for turquoise sea and golden sand, I have an excellent plan for you: Marbella. This Mediterranean city is located opposite Cádiz, at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula. A magnificent promenade of more than fifteen kilometers welcomes you between Bajadilla beach and Puerto Banús. You will discover endless panoramas to contemplate ostentatious sunsets. The city of Marbella hides luxury hotels that I invite you to discover in my article.

3. The island of Formentera (The magic island)

Do you fancy a getaway to the Balearic archipelago? Have you probably already heard of the islands of Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza? I take you to the island of Formentera, an unknown pearl. It enjoys an ideal island location as it is only accessible by boat.

The island is flat and small, making it ideal for exploring by bike or motorbike. The beautiful Formentera is home to beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters. The seabed is ideal for exploring underwater wonders with a snorkel.

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4. Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city in Spain that is bustling with life and culture. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the northeast of Spain, Barcelona is easily accessible from France. The greatest jewel of the city is undoubtedly the Sagrada Familia cathedral, still in the process of completion. Its atypical architecture amazes visitors.

For art lovers, I recommend the Museu Picasso, which houses more than 4,000 works by Pablo Picasso. Las Ramblas is a street full of flower stalls, souvenir shops, brand stores, where artists reveal their sometimes very surprising talents. Barcelona is home to many museums. It is a destination that seems ideal for lovers of culture. I also suggest that you take the time to leave Barcelona to discover new places.

5. Begur

Begur is the closest town to the French border. It is a great stopover if you want to rest before resuming your trip to any destination in Spain. Begur is a fishing village that has coves with turquoise blue waters. The wild nature of the Costa Brava is easily accessible from this surprisingly charming town. Begur’s medieval castle dates back to the 10th century, built on a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Take advantage of a begur rental to recharge your batteries.

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6. pomegranate

Granada is a consecrated jewel in Andalusia. I invite you to discover some wonders of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The history of the city reflects the rich Andalusian past. The Alhambra is a set of medieval buildings in the Arab-Muslim style. Visitors will be able to explore the various palaces as well as the sumptuous gardens. In fact, the Jardins du Partal are built on successive floors. A magnificent panoramic view delights the eyes.

The city of Granada itself is home to wonderful green oases. Carmen de los Mártires is a set of landscaped spaces with fountains and statues. As for the Jardin du Triomphe, it is magnificently wooded and is a refreshing stop that I recommend.

7. Seville

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and it is not in vain that it receives the nickname “Pearl of Andalusia”. The cathedral is an old mosque, a vestige of the Arab-Muslim conquest. I advise you to go there to discover not only its superb architecture, but also the fabulous cultural heritage it houses. You can see the tomb of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

The Alcázar is a palace of unique beauty in the world. Lovers of medieval architecture will fall in love with this place steeped in history. The Alcázar houses many gardens such as Troya. The latter is characterized by the musicality of its fountains and the sweet aromas of aromatic plants.

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I’m going to offer a little nod to Star Wars fans: the Plaza de España. It consists of an impressive hemicycle. A monumental building rises in the center. It is framed by two 70-meter-high towers, in the Baroque style. A 500 meter long canal can be crossed by several charming bridges. Nearby, Parque María Luisa offers a refreshing place to stroll. This landmark of architectural splendor served as the model for the city of Theed on the planet Naboo in Star Wars Episode II.


Embark with me to set sail for Ibiza, a fabulous island in the Balearic archipelago. When we think of Ibiza, we immediately think of a festive atmosphere. But the island also enjoys a rich historical heritage. In fact, the Phoenicians were among the first to establish counters there as early as the 4th century BC. J.-C.

The island has many beaches where you can practice multiple activities: diving, paddle surfing, sunbathing, etc. Among the most famous I can mention Cala Conte, Cala Bassa and Ses Salines. And you can still navigate the crystal clear waters off the coast with a kayak rental.

If you want to enjoy a bit of freshness away from the partygoers, I can give you a tip: the caves of San Marca. You will discover geological wonders in the form of stalagmites and stalactites, wonderful plays of light between the rock walls and the underground water.

9. San Sebastian

The city of San Sebastián is built in the north of Spain, whose coasts are bathed by the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. The old town is made up of charming alleys and historic buildings. For a slightly more natural ride, I suggest a refreshing dive at Mount Igeldo which offers an impressive maritime panorama.

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10. Huelva

Huelva is a wonderful city in Andalusia, surrounded by marshes and rushes, in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean. Huelva enjoys a Mediterranean microclimate where life is good. The city has a rich ancient past as the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and later the Romans established trading posts there.

I believe that lovers of religious arts will find happiness when they visit Huelva. In fact, the city is home to numerous religious buildings: the La Merced cathedral, the San Pedro church, the La Concepción church or the Soledad church.

Discover virgin Andalusian beaches around Huelva that will allow you to escape the waves of tourists. Thus, La Flecha beach is a nature reserve that I recommend to nature lovers.

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